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The Los Angeles Flagpole Company understands that repairing a flagpole can be a little overwhelming. Especially when the parts that need to be repaired are out of reach and hard to get to. From the size or length of the rope to how to tall the flagpole is, we get it.  That is why the Los Angeles Flagpole Company is here to help you. We can help you either order the right flagpole parts for your flagpole repair or we can come out to your location and get it done for you. Either way our goal at the Los Angeles Flagpole Company is to help you get your flag up and flying.

Here’s a breakdown of the various parts and components of a flagpole; you can also refer to diagrams that identify the parts and accessories of an internal or external halyard flagpole.

This is a glossary of terms that you might encounter: 


A decorative ornament that’s mounted at the top of the flagpole, above the truck. Typically, a finial might be in the shape of an acorn, a ball or an eagle. 


Pulley assembly that mounts at the top of the flagpole. Stationary trucks are mounted over the top of the flagpole and are secured with set screws, while revolving trucks screw into the flagpoles top with a standard 1 ¼” National Pipe Thread spindle. Revolving trucks are mounted with bearings that allow them to turn along with prevailing winds. 


Also referred to as a flag snap, the snap hook is a metal or vinyl hook with a spring closure, used to attach the flag to the halyard. Snap hooks are similar to the type of closure often found on a dog’s leash. 

Halyard Channel

Usually several feet long, the halyard channel extends upward from the cleat, covering the external halyard and helping protect against theft or vandalism. 


The halyard is the rope that is used to raise or lower the flag and can be located internally or on the outside of the pole. The halyard runs through the pulley system in the flagpole’s truck and is secured with the cleat at the base of the pole. 


This T-shaped metal device holds the hoisted flag in place by wrapping the halyard around the cleat multiple times. The cleat is typically mounted to the pole about five feet above ground level. 


The flagpole’s butt is its base end; the larger, lower end of the flagpole shaft. 

Flash Collar

A cover that goes around the base of the pole at ground level, usually the same color and material as the flagpole. A flash collar gives the pole a clean, finished look and helps protect the flagpole and foundation from the elements. 

Foundation Tube (Sleeve)

A steel or PVC tube that is placed in the ground to support and hold the shaft securely in place. 


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